Modular Solutions In Daycare / Preschool

The primary benefits of modular buildings are fast delivery, ease of location, low-cost reconfiguration and enormous flexibility. These practical time and money saving alternatives to site-building buildings effectively meet the specialized needs for daycares and preschools.

Eagle Creek Modular is proud to offer durable, energy efficient mobile and modular buildings to meet daycare/preschool needs. Our designs feature offices and classrooms that are comfortable with ample lighting, high interior ceilings and restrooms in each classroom.

We are available to assist in all phases of your design and finish-out to suit your exact needs.

Mobile and Modular Daycares - Preschools
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Daycare / Preschool

Victor Early Childhood Education & Care Center

The new state-of-art childhood education and care center in Cripple Creek is a combination of two modular units created to order by Eagle Creek Modular Solutions. Combining the design flexibility
of traditional building methods with a quality of controlled manufacturing, modular construction met the needs of Victor Early Head Start program.

"Some of our plans were given to Eagle Creek on scrap paper and a few might even been in crayon," said program manager Krys Arrick. "But (company President) Daniel Rasmussen was able to to use the plans to create exactly what we wanted."

Victoria early Childhood Education

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