Permanent Modular Buildings

modular workforce accommodations

The term "modular" describes a construction method or process where individual modules stand alone or are assembled together to make up larger structures. Permanent modular buildings are intended to remain in one location for many, many years.

Primarily, four stages make up factory-built construction:

  1. Design approval by the end user and any regulating authorities
  2. Assembly of module components in a controlled environment
  3. Transportation of modules to a final destination
  4. Erection of modular units to form a finished building

Permanent Building

Combining traditional building techniques, quality manufacturing and third-party agencies who offer random inspections, testing and certification services for quality control, temporary and permanent modular buildings are built in strict accordance with appropriate local, state and national regulations and codes.

The primary benefits of permanent modular construction include:

  • Streamlined construction process (occupancy often occurs 50% faster than conventional construction)
  • Resource efficient - less labor and fewer materials wasted
  • Reduced environmental impact - less site damage, less material exposure and less waste in landfill.

While the demand for both permanent and temporary modular buildings continues to escalate, factory-built structures are ready in use in every state of the US, all across Canada, in parts of Europe and Asia and throughout the world. The flexibility of factory-built buildings makes them a secure investment. It is not uncommon for a single modular office to serve numerous purposes over a long and useful life.

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