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We have successfully completed projects across a broad base of industry segments by providing customized solutions to a variety of different needs. We have the right solution for your industry.

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The following buildings are featured due to their custom designs and specialized uses.
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Temporary  •  Permanent  •  Relocatable

Mobile and Modular Schools, Portable Classrooms and Offices

Eagle Creek Modular provides complete turnkey solutions to public and private schools, charter schools, colleges and universities. Modular buildings offer speed of occupancy at attractive pricing with little disruption.

Permanent Modular Construction

Design-built Healthcare, Medical and Dental Clinics

Permanent modular construction has been used the world over for healthcare, medical and dental facilities. This factory-built construction offers quiet, safe, and clean applications such as rehabilitation clinics, emergency rooms, operating rooms, hospital extensions, laboratories, diagnostic centers and dental offices.

Permanent and Temporary Modular Construction

Design-built Modular Churches

Eagle Creek Modular specializes in design-build churches, utilizing modular construction to save time and money. Modular structures offer your church room to grow by providing maximum value.

We understand the many challenges that churches face and can offer many viable solutions for worship areas, office, classroom and preschool facilities.

Permanent and Temporary Modular Construction

Design-built Commercial Modular Buildings

Commercial modular construction brings the benefits and advantages of prefabrication and modular construction technologies to the commercial construction markets including: administration offices, sales centers, correctional facilities, meeting and training rooms, banks, and branch offices.

Temporary  •  Permanent  •  Relocatable

Mobile and Modular Daycare / Preschool

The primary benefits of modular buildings are fast delivery, ease of location, low-cost reconfiguration and enormous flexibility. These practical time and money saving alternatives to site-building buildings effectively meet the specialized needs for daycares and preschools.

Restrooms, Lockers and Showers
Permanent and Temporary Modular Construction

Mobile, Temporary, Relocatable, Modular Restrooms/Lockers/Showers

Eagle Creek Modular offer restrooms, showers and lockers that can be used as unisex and same-sex facilities. Our facilities are modern and efficient that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mobile restroom/shower/locker facilities are a temporary and relocatable solution for special events, construction sites and remote areas.

Workforce Accommodations
Mobile and Modular Buildings

Modular Construction

Eagle Creek Modular can provide a "Home Away From Home" when it comes to housing and support facilities for remote work sites. When your employee crews are in a newly developing or remote area, living facilities are not easy to come by. Modular accommodations are built to be a quality, safe and healthy solution.

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