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Temporary Modular Construction

Temporary modular buildings are not affixed to real estate, are considered personal property or equipment, and can be depreciated over a shorter span. Factory-built buildings are designed and constructed allowing the modular units to be transported and installed efficiently and repeatedly. Modular buildings can be substantially reused in whole or in part at future building sites.

Modular construction provides high quality, rapidly built, temporary or relocatable solutions to the space demands to a wide range of industries. Simultaneous manufacturing and site work often allows modular building occupancy to occur much faster than traditional methods of construction.

During severe economic downturns, the flexibility of modular buildings makes them a secure investment. This flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to relocate buildings to more prosperous cities or industries as opportunities arise. Temporary modular buildings also apply to industries that may want to expand but are uncertain about the long-term strength of their growth.

No other method of construction allows for such rapid deployment of space. Temporary and relocatable modular buildings especially in cases of large scale natural disasters, code compliant relocatable buildings can be deployed within days to provide shelter, medical clinics, and classrooms to help restore as sense of normalcy to a community.

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