Why Modular?

Unique to modular construction, while modules are being assembled in a manufacturing plant, site work is occurring at the same time or in some cases prior to construction. Modular construction does allow for much earlier building occupancy and contributes to a shorter overall construction period, reducing labor, financing and supervision costs. Saving time and money, nearly all design and engineering disciplines are part of the manufacturing process.

Factory-built buildings have become increasingly more sophicticated due to customer demand and/or those who offer more design-oriented options versus the original cookie-cutter buildings of yesterday.

Modular construction is a practical time and money saving alternative to site-built buildings effectively meeting the specialized needs of a variety of businesses. Customers served by modular construction include: federal, state, provincial and local governments, school boards, corporations, non-profit organizations, retail establishments, and healthcare providers. Other uses include medical facilities, airport facilities, military installations, restaurants, churches and remote telecommunictions stations.

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